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G is for gross negligence manslaughter

On 31 July the Sentencing Council for England and Wales published a new guideline for manslaughter applicable to sentences handed down from 1 November (bit.ly/2wjpijJ). Although not specific to safety and health offences, the guideline is expected to lengthen the sentences received by individuals deemed responsible for gross negligence manslaughter (GNM) after fatal accidents at work. A previous article (bit.ly/2BWXw1J) outlined the starting points and ranges for each level of culpability, from one year for the lowest to 18 years for the highest with maximum aggravating factors.

E is for ETTO

ETTO – the efficiency-thoroughness trade-off – is an important part of Erik Hollnagel’s Safety II concept (ioshmagazine.com/article/s-safety-ii), which in turn influenced the safety differently approach described by Sidney Dekker and popularised in the UK by John Green, programme HSE director at Battersea Power Station Development Company. And yet, while just cultures, “the curious why” and hindsight bias have become popular ideas, ETTO doesn’t get much coverage.