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£53,000 fine after fatal fall from insecure ladder

A roofing contractor has been prosecuted by the HSE after a worker died when he fell from a ladder while exiting scaffolding.

Jersey ‘building boom’ driving rise in enforcement activity

Jersey’s Health and Safety Inspectorate has issued 22 prohibition notices this year, just three less than the total for the whole of 2018. The rise in enforcement activity is being driven by a thriving building industry, the inspectorate believes.   

Construction firm sentenced over multiple WaH failings

Construction firm STS Constructions has been fined £26,666 after workers were put at significant risk of falling from height at a west London property.


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High priorities

A report from a UK parliamentary group makes four recommendations to reduce the overall number of falls related to work at height, the cause of one in four workplace fatalities.

Alternative realities

Virtual reality has previously been more associated with gaming than with OSH training. But fighting zombies could give way to learning to fight fires. 

Humber Bridge: open all hours

Maintaining the Grade 1 listed structure involves working round high wind speeds and 24/7 traffic flow.