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Fine for shopkeeper who ignored prohibition notice over missing meat grinder guard

The owner of a food store in Wellington, Shropshire, has to pay out more than £2,000 after failing to comply with a prohibition notice.

Quarry worker requires skin grafts after first-day arm injuries

A quarry operator that failed to keep fixed guards in place on moving machinery has been fined £44,000 after a new employee sustained serious arm injuries.

Hundreds caught waterborne infection in dirty pool

The owner of a private swimming school in York has been sentenced after the outbreak of an intestinal parasitic infection made more than 160 children and parents ill.


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Mobile learning: On the small screen

Julian Roberts looks at the potential for mobile phones and tablets to deliver OSH training. 

Kevin Furniss, APM Terminals

The most senior OSH practitioner at shipping giant Maersk has strong views on the need to talk the language of business and to work themselves out of jobs. 

Tideway: On the tools

We look at how health measurement scoring systems with leading and lagging indicators have been adapted for the Thames Tideway Tunnel project.