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National Grid worker killed by new remote-controlled crane had not been trained

National Grid has been fined more than £330,000 after a worker was killed during a lifting operation.

Family firm’s director admits guilt over agency worker’s factory scalping

The director of a family firm founded in Warrington with the ambition “to be the best” has pleaded guilty to two health and safety charges after an agency worker was scalped in an industrial accident in June 2016.

Hand injury on disassembly line costs Viridor £133,000

Recycling company Viridor Waste Management has been sentenced after an employee’s finger was partially amputated on a fridge dismantling line. 


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The train drain

We look at the scientific evidence underpinning the HSE’s advice that training alone is unlikely to reduce manual handling risk.

Learning preferences: Style guide

Stephen Flounders says trainers have to be adaptable and use a range of techniques to meet different learners’ needs. 

Mobile learning: On the small screen

Julian Roberts looks at the potential for mobile phones and tablets to deliver OSH training.