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£1.5m fine for Tuffnells Parcels after trailer rollaway death

Package delivery firm Tuffnells Parcels Express has been fined after one of its drivers sustained fatal crush injuries when he became trapped between a lorry tractor and a trailer in the West Midlands.

Pressure on gig economy drivers raises crash risk, study finds

Gig economy companies have been urged to reduce the intense pressure on self-employed taxi drivers and couriers as this may increase the risk of being involved in a collision, a study by University College London (UCL) has found.

Distracted bus driver handed prison sentence for multiple passenger injuries

A bus driver who was reading a time duty card while speeding on a stretch of the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway in Cambridge has been sentenced to 12 weeks’ imprisonment after he lost control of the vehicle, injuring five passengers. The sentence has been suspended for 12 months and the driver must also pay £2,000 costs.


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Formula E Operations: Circuit testing

We talk to the race organiser’s senior OSH manager about managing the world’s first fully electric car championship. 

EPC-UK: committed to fitness

The commercial explosives firm’s wellbeing initiatives aim to support its ageing and hard-to-reach workers both mentally and physically. 

Humber Bridge: open all hours

Maintaining the Grade 1 listed structure involves working round high wind speeds and 24/7 traffic flow.