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Smart devices installed on heavy vehicles to report fatigue and speeding

Operators of all heavy vehicles registered in the European Union for the first time are required to install a smart digital tachograph to track and record the driving and resting times of professional drivers.

Motorists warned against driving in lanyards as they can cause serious injury

Police have advised motorists not to wear their staff identity tag around their neck while driving because of the risk of serious injury if an airbag deploys in an accident.

Refuse crews pilot hi-vis shorts to improve comfort

Refuse crews from three Cambridgeshire councils have started wearing high-visibility shorts during roadside collections in a new trial to help keep them cool.


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Driver safety special: A mounting concern

Two years in, Biffa’s campaign to stop reckless driving on pavements has shifted gears. 

Driver safety special: Driven to change

Driver performance data is of limited use if you don’t use it to coach better behaviour. 

Formula E Operations: Circuit testing

We talk to the race organiser’s senior OSH manager about managing the world’s first fully electric car championship.