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Air Liquide’s gas bottle disposal system akin to ‘Russian roulette’

An industrial gas supplier has been handed a penalty exceeding £182,000 after an employee was overcome by fumes in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent.

UAE regulates work hours to limit labourers’ sun exposure

A mandatory afternoon break to prevent outdoor labourers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) working in direct sunlight will start on 15 June.

Churches’ car wash app aims to help clean up ‘evil scourge’ of modern slavery

Motorists can now report signs of forced labour at hand car washes in Britain using a new smartphone app.


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PPE special: Help at hand

Generic or inadequate safety glove specification can be worse than no provision.  

PPE special: Getting your kit off (and on)

Donning and doffing protective items are critical stages in their use.

PPE special: Unready to wear

Why is so little PPE designed for female workers and what can employers do about it?