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Hull council’s rink fall oversight led to head injuries

Hull City Council has been handed a £230,000 penalty after it failed to provide suitable footwear to an employee who slipped and fell on an ice rink.

Court cuts utility company's ‘manifestly excessive’ fine by 85% with culpability revision

The £900,000 fine handed to utility firm Electricity North West after a line worker died when he fell from an electricity pole has been reduced to £135,000 by the Court of Appeal.

Fall from dangerous MEWP lands bed firm with £113k fine

A manufacturer of luxury bedroom furniture has been fined after an employee fell more than 2 m from a makeshift mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) that had been deemed “unacceptable” in a safety audit report from 2006.


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PPE special: Help at hand

Generic or inadequate safety glove specification can be worse than no provision.  

PPE special: Getting your kit off (and on)

Donning and doffing protective items are critical stages in their use.

PPE special: Unready to wear

Why is so little PPE designed for female workers and what can employers do about it?