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Fall from dangerous MEWP lands bed firm with £113k fine

A manufacturer of luxury bedroom furniture has been fined after an employee fell more than 2 m from a makeshift mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) that had been deemed “unacceptable” in a safety audit report from 2006.

Golf course manager fatally claimed competence with chainsaw

A golf club in Leicestershire has been ordered to pay a £150,000 penalty after it was found guilty of three breaches that led to a manager being killed by a falling branch.

Oz safety taskforce to protect stone industry workers from silica dust

The New South Wales government in Australia has set up a new safety taskforce to protect workers in the manufactured stone industry from crystalline silica dust exposure. 


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Lone worker Special: Going equipped

From simple local alarms to body-worn video, lone worker systems now offer a variety of ways to signal for help in a crisis.

Learning from: behavioural economists

How can a combination of psychology and economics, in particular nudge theory, benefit OSH practitioners? 

Tideway: On the tools

We look at how health measurement scoring systems with leading and lagging indicators have been adapted for the Thames Tideway Tunnel project.