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Stonemasons fined after worker developed silicosis

A stonemasonry company whose employee developed silicosis has been ordered to pay £18,000 in fines and costs.

Floor layer killed by toxic adhesive was wearing ‘completely ineffectual’ face mask

A property maintenance firm and a flooring manufacturer have been fined a combined £750,000 over the death of a floor layer in London. 

Two companies fined £310,000 over cladder’s 10 m fall

A construction firm and a roofing contractor have been fined a total of £310,000 after a cladder was seriously injured when he fell 9.7 m through a rooflight.


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PPE special: Right steps

Employers can minimise the risk of injuries from slips, trips and falls by selecting the correct safety footwear. 

PPE special: Awake to danger

Fatigue is a disturbing cause of workplace accidents and stress-related conditions but choosing the correct PPE for the job can mitigate the risks. 

PPE special: Time to reflect

What are the essentials when considering the selection and day-to-day management of hi-vis PPE?