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Golf course manager fatally claimed competence with chainsaw

A golf club in Leicestershire has been ordered to pay a £150,000 penalty after it was found guilty of three breaches that led to a manager being killed by a falling branch.

Oz safety taskforce to protect stone industry workers from silica dust

The New South Wales government in Australia has set up a new safety taskforce to protect workers in the manufactured stone industry from crystalline silica dust exposure. 

Air Liquide’s gas bottle disposal system akin to ‘Russian roulette’

An industrial gas supplier has been handed a penalty exceeding £182,000 after an employee was overcome by fumes in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent.


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Lone worker Special: Going equipped

From simple local alarms to body-worn video, lone worker systems now offer a variety of ways to signal for help in a crisis.

Learning from: behavioural economists

How can a combination of psychology and economics, in particular nudge theory, benefit OSH practitioners? 

Tideway: On the tools

We look at how health measurement scoring systems with leading and lagging indicators have been adapted for the Thames Tideway Tunnel project.