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Two companies fined £310,000 over cladder’s 10 m fall

A construction firm and a roofing contractor have been fined a total of £310,000 after a cladder was seriously injured when he fell 9.7 m through a rooflight.

Scottish commercial fishing group set up to reduce accidents on vessels

An expert group is being created to improve safety performance and prevent accidents on Scottish commercial fishing vessels. 

Why respiratory protection is so important

Dust and fumes are a problem with which we are all familiar in our homes, but it can be a much more serious problem in the workplace. Paul Riddick, co-founder and technical director at fume and dust extraction specialists VODEX Ltd explores how contaminates being produced on a daily basis in the workplace can damage your health and could even prove fatal.


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PPE special: Right steps

Employers can minimise the risk of injuries from slips, trips and falls by selecting the correct safety footwear. 

PPE special: Awake to danger

Fatigue is a disturbing cause of workplace accidents and stress-related conditions but choosing the correct PPE for the job can mitigate the risks. 

PPE special: Time to reflect

What are the essentials when considering the selection and day-to-day management of hi-vis PPE?