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Distracted bus driver handed prison sentence for multiple passenger injuries

A bus driver who was reading a time duty card while speeding on a stretch of the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway in Cambridge has been sentenced to 12 weeks’ imprisonment after he lost control of the vehicle, injuring five passengers. The sentence has been suspended for 12 months and the driver must also pay £2,000 costs.

Tesco’s £160k roll cage fine is eight times pre-guidelines level

Supermarket giant Tesco has been hit with a £160,000 fine for an injury caused by a falling roll cage. The penalty is eight times that levied on the company in 2013 for a similar offence in the previous year.

Golf course manager fatally claimed competence with chainsaw

A golf club in Leicestershire has been ordered to pay a £150,000 penalty after it was found guilty of three breaches that led to a manager being killed by a falling branch.


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Lone worker Special: Lone but not alone

Reduced contact with remote and lone workers makes supporting their wellbeing and spotting early symptoms of mental health problems harder. 

The train drain

We look at the scientific evidence underpinning the HSE’s advice that training alone is unlikely to reduce manual handling risk.

EPC-UK: committed to fitness

The commercial explosives firm’s wellbeing initiatives aim to support its ageing and hard-to-reach workers both mentally and physically.