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Builder jailed over digger death

The director of a building firm has been sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment after he fatally crushed an employee with a digger.

Dangerous rebar load lands Liverpool docks owner with £300,000 fine

Port operator The Mersey Docks and Harbour Company has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after a banksman was seriously injured when he was crushed by a bundle of steel weighing nearly two tonnes.

Wooden board sent flying by pipe fatally struck workman

An engineering company in Scotland has been fined following the death of an employee who was struck by a wooden bearer in the yard of a fabrication workshop.


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Mobile learning: On the small screen

Julian Roberts looks at the potential for mobile phones and tablets to deliver OSH training. 

Kevin Furniss, APM Terminals

The most senior OSH practitioner at shipping giant Maersk has strong views on the need to talk the language of business and to work themselves out of jobs. 

Liverpool Football Club: Goal getters

We talk to the Premier League club’s senior health and safety manager about CDM duties and procuring a bespoke health and safety management system to standardise its work. 


Angela Gray CMIOSH