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Utility management co’s £400k fine for farm’s powerline electrocution

A utility management services provider must pay £400,000 after a driver operating on its site received a fatal electrical shock when the extendable grab arm on his lorry came into contact with an overhead power line. 

Improved electrical safety checks in private rented sector to stamp out rogue landlords

Landlords that fail to ensure mandatory electrical safety inspections in private rented accommodation are carried out by qualified testers face tougher penalties under new plans announced by the UK government.  

£1m fine for nuclear weapons facility after electrician’s burns

The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) has been fined £1m after an electrician sustained burns to his arm at the company’s Aldermaston site in Berkshire.


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Clear your head

How can we stop cognitive bias clouding our judgement in accident and incident investigations?

House of hazards

When domestic accidents are a major contributor to sick leave, shouldn’t OSH practitioners do more to promote home safety? 

Fire safety and evacuation: Rapid response

David Gold and Martin Brennan set out the essential steps for early fire detection and managing a safe and speedy evacuation.