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Yorkshire Water Services fined £733k for fitter’s fatal burns

The operator of a brewery trade waste plant, must pay £733,000 after a catalogue of system failures left a fitter carrying out hot work in an oxygen-enriched confined space.

Lack of risk assessment saw workers engulfed in spray booth explosion

Two workers who died in a fireball as vapour from paint they were pouring ignited in a confined space had no risk assessment for the work. 

Groundworker sustains multiple injuries in excavation

A construction firm which was carrying out groundworks to install a water drainage system has been handed a £70,000 fine after one of its employees was struck by a falling piece of concrete.


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Kevin Furniss, APM Terminals

The most senior OSH practitioner at shipping giant Maersk has strong views on the need to talk the language of business and to work themselves out of jobs. 

Tideway: On the tools

We look at how health measurement scoring systems with leading and lagging indicators have been adapted for the Thames Tideway Tunnel project. 

Liverpool Football Club: Goal getters

We talk to the Premier League club’s senior health and safety manager about CDM duties and procuring a bespoke health and safety management system to standardise its work.