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Director jailed for company’s REACH violation

A founder and sole director of a Midlands company has been handed a 10-month custodial sentence for the sale of a plant protection product and a paint stripper which contained banned substances.

Interserve failed to maintain generators at animal lab

The facilities management arm of support services and construction group Interserve has been sentenced after its failure to maintain emergency power systems at a UK government-owned laboratory could have exposed workers to hazardous biological agents during the loss of primary electricity supply. 

Aerosol fireball left waste worker on life support

A waste treatment company has been fined £100,000 after its lack of procedures for hazardous waste disposal meant workers were processing pressurised aerosol spray cans in a shredder meant for plastics.


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House of hazards

When domestic accidents are a major contributor to sick leave, shouldn’t OSH practitioners do more to promote home safety? 

Process driven

An essential element of managing high-hazard installations is process safety, but can it be applied usefully to smaller systems?

CERN – collision course

The underground centre straddling France and Switzerland is home to the 27 km tunnel containing the Large Hadron Collider and some very particular hazards.