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MPs recommend statutory maximum workplace temperature

A parliamentary committee has called on the UK government to consult on introducing a maximum workplace temperature, especially for work that involves significant physical effort, to tackle lower employee productivity during heatwaves. 

Singapore’s WSH committee looks at OSH leadership as contractor prequal measure

A committee convened by the Singapore government is looking at how companies and developers can identify the contractors who demonstrate strong OSH ownership before offering project tenders.

NZ launches first OSH professionals register

The Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ) has opened the country’s first national, online register of verified workplace OSH professionals. 


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Lasting impressions

From first approach, to contract negotiation, a prospective employer will be evaluating you, so make every contact count. 

Alternative realities

Virtual reality has previously been more associated with gaming than with OSH training. But fighting zombies could give way to learning to fight fires. 

Conversational gambits

Researchers have anatomised how practitioners can steer conversations to achieve behaviour change.