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Indonesian businesses told to extend protection to stressed workers

Indonesian employers must provide practical support to minimise employee stress under a new ministerial regulation, which extends safety and health protection to workers.

MPs recommend statutory maximum workplace temperature

A parliamentary committee has called on the UK government to consult on introducing a maximum workplace temperature, especially for work that involves significant physical effort, to tackle lower employee productivity during heatwaves. 

Singapore’s WSH committee looks at OSH leadership as contractor prequal measure

A committee convened by the Singapore government is looking at how companies and developers can identify the contractors who demonstrate strong OSH ownership before offering project tenders.


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Taken to task

Before risk assessing a piece of work you have to define its scope. We look at how to do that while avoiding ‘analysis paralysis’. 

Play to win

Gaming techniques can help to make safety messages stick. 

Learning from: behavioural economists

How can a combination of psychology and economics, in particular nudge theory, benefit OSH practitioners?