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Singapore committee unveils WSH strategy recommendations to improve OSH

A workplace safety and health (WSH) committee tasked with developing a 10-year plan to improve OSH standards in Singapore has outlined its preliminary proposals. 

England’s first SHE apprenticeship launched

The first cohort of 20 trainees have started England’s first safety, health and environment (SHE) technician apprenticeship, which was launched last week.

Indonesian businesses told to extend protection to stressed workers

Indonesian employers must provide practical support to minimise employee stress under a new ministerial regulation, which extends safety and health protection to workers.


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Lasting impressions

From first approach, to contract negotiation, a prospective employer will be evaluating you, so make every contact count. 

Alternative realities

Virtual reality has previously been more associated with gaming than with OSH training. But fighting zombies could give way to learning to fight fires. 

Conversational gambits

Researchers have anatomised how practitioners can steer conversations to achieve behaviour change.