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HSE’s chief exec resigns

Richard Judge has stepped down from his role as chief executive of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after four years.

HSE’s energy division head takes up NZ high hazards post

The director of the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) energy division has been appointed general manager for high hazards and energy safety at WorkSafe New Zealand.

Dr Lesley Rushton to chair industrial injury council

Occupational cancer expert Dr Lesley Rushton has been appointed to chair the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council (IIAC).


News continued

Karl Simons, Thames Water

The London utility’s OSH and security head is driving down injury rates with a ‘culture of care’.

Food and drink sector conference 2018

Exoskeletons, managing foreign workers and influencing work design were among the themes at this year’s event. 

Class acts

How can practitioners enthuse school students and young people about safety and health?