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Competency framework name unveiled at IOSH 2016

The name of IOSH’s self-assessment competency framework was today revealed as IOSH Blueprint. 

OH nurses faculty survey call

The Faculty of Occupational Health Development Group (FDG) is gathering feedback from occupational health nurses (OHNs) to help shape its development of a specialist faculty for the profession.


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Table talk: You’re hired

Two experts discuss the current state of the OSH recruitment market, how candidates can fine-tune their CVs and demonstrate soft skills, and how employers can ensure best fit for their roles. Watch the full recording here.

Humber Bridge: open all hours

Maintaining the Grade 1 listed structure involves working round high wind speeds and 24/7 traffic flow.

Training evaluation: Measures of success

Paul Smith explains why training evaluation is critical and how to build it in from the start.