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Industry bodies launch asbestos skills certification

Asbestos professionals in the UK have joined forces to launch a certification card so that workers can prove they are qualified to handle the material.

Occupational health standards need to be spread through construction industry

New research has revealed the need for occupational health standards to be “trickled down” through the construction industry to match improvements in safety criteria. 

IOSH 2018 conference blog: Day 2

The risk of complacency bred of success and the need to guard against it was a theme threaded through the second day of IOSH 2018. 


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Leader Interview: Lawrence Webb, Costain

The infrastructure group’s strategy director is tasked with the “forward-looking stuff”

The art of seeing

A training technique typically used in art education offers a fresh perspective on identifying hazards.

Safe traits

Personality can indicate how people will perform in a safety-critical role.