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Volvo Group UK employee sustains spinal injury after vehicle roll

Volvo Group UK has been fined £13,333 after an employee fractured his spine when a truck rolled forward, crushing him at a depot in Glasgow.

Construction firm fined for exposing family to carbon monoxide risk

A building company has been fined £16,000 after unsafe work around a domestic boiler led to a gas escape. The firm’s director has also been prosecuted.

Events co fined £161k over unsafe lifting operation injury

A Coventry-based company that manufacturers stands for exhibitions has been fined £161,000 after an employee was knocked unconscious and sustained a broken collar bone during the unsafe lift and move of a park home chassis.


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Finlays: Top of the crop

The global tea and coffee producer’s zero-harm strategy secured first place at IOSH’s food and drinks industry awards last year. 

PPE special: Time to reflect

What are the essentials when considering the selection and day-to-day management of hi-vis PPE?

Piper Alpha: regime changer

July 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the oil industry’s worst disaster, which changed safety regulation and practice.