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Lack of risk assessment lands steelmaker with £1.8m fine

Cardiff-based steelmaker Celsa Manufacturing has been prosecuted for failing to carry out a risk assessment before an explosion at its city centre plant left two workers dead and five more seriously injured.

Wooden board sent flying by pipe fatally struck workman

An engineering company in Scotland has been fined following the death of an employee who was struck by a wooden bearer in the yard of a fabrication workshop.

Energy giant fined £400k after uncontrolled oil leak

BP Exploration Operating Company must pay £400,000 after it failed to prevent the release of almost 4 tonnes of crude oil in Shetland nearly seven years ago.


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Error alert

Workers often recognise and correct their own errors before it is too late, research shows.

Finlays: Top of the crop

The global tea and coffee producer’s zero-harm strategy secured first place at IOSH’s food and drinks industry awards last year. 

PPE special: Time to reflect

What are the essentials when considering the selection and day-to-day management of hi-vis PPE?