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£150,000 fine after roofer falls while fixing leaky roof

A repair and maintenance company has been fined £150,000 after a worker fell 2 m off a ladder while working on a roof.

Building firm handed £900k fine for bricklayer’s fatal head injuries

A building company found guilty of failing to safely manage work on a construction site has been fined £900,000 after a bricklayer died from fatal head injuries.

RoSPA urges employers to cut non-work injuries

Businesses should apply OSH principles to out-of-work activities to reduce staff injuries, says the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).


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Liverpool Football Club: Goal getters

We talk to the Premier League club’s senior health and safety manager about CDM duties and procuring a bespoke health and safety management system to standardise its work. 

Fire safety and evacuation: Step by step

Aaron David Carter looks at the legal requirements, good practice and pitfalls to avoid when procuring and using evacuation chairs.

Fire safety and evacuation: Locus of control

Gary Laird and Martin Brennan set out the main features of fire control systems.