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Council fined £200k for exposing primary school staff to asbestos

A school in Sittingbourne, Kent failed to heed recommendations from a survey to remove asbestos disturbed by its caretaker 18 months earlier, a court was told.   

Lack of risk assessment saw workers engulfed in spray booth explosion

Two workers who died in a fireball as vapour from paint they were pouring ignited in a confined space had no risk assessment for the work. 

*UPDATE* Kier's £600k penalty for unsupervised agency worker's concrete block injury

Kier Infrastructure must pay £600,000 after it failed to supervise work on a site to build two new bridges, which resulted in a worker’s leg being crushed between two concrete blocks.


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Noise and vibration special: Glasgow Subway, on the rigs

Freyssinet’s refurb of the Glasgow underground cut hand-arm vibration risk with bespoke drilling frames. 

EPC-UK: committed to fitness

The commercial explosives firm’s wellbeing initiatives aim to support its ageing and hard-to-reach workers both mentally and physically. 

Health and Wellbeing at Work 2018

Avoiding the temptation to put fashion before function, the 100-year life and pets in the office featured at this year’s event.