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Diver’s finger severed in cofferdam installation

A working diver lost his finger after becoming trapped while working at the Port of Immingham in Grimsby, a court has been told.

IOSH 2018 conference blog: Day 1

Discussions on day one of IOSH 2018 at Birmingham’s International Convention Centre ranged from the biggest to the smallest safety and health concerns, with most of the year’s major topics aired in between.

Long hours leave wind farm workboat crews at risk of fatigue

The UK National Workboat Association (NWA) is launching a new campaign to tackle crewmember fatigue on offshore energy support vessels (OESVs).


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IOSH 2018

Post-Grenfell regulatory reform, ISO 45001 lessons, Formula One racing safety and managing accident investigations were among the highlights of this year’s conference. 

Kathy Seabrook, Center for Safety and Health Sustainability

The former president of IOSH’s US equivalent is working to raise investor pressure for more OSH transparency.

Plant protection

Manufacturing and storage sites are subject to multiple fire hazards, from dropped cigarettes to compressed pistachios. We map the route to a thorough risk assessment.