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Government support package aims to cut sickness absence

The UK government has launched a new initiative to tackle illness at work, which costs the economy an estimated £100bn a year. 

Fit for Work service still has little impact, EEF finds

The government’s Fit for Work service has had a limited effect in getting employees back to work after long-term sickness, the EEF’s latest health, work, wellbeing and sickness absence survey has found. 

Tax breaks for private medical treatment could lower sickness absence, says EEF

Tax breaks would help employers deal with the issue of rising sickness absence in the UK, the trade association EEF has said following the release of its 13th annual sickness absence survey.


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The Asia Pacific OSH gathering heard about a range of initiatives to reduce its excessive workplace fatality toll. 

Karl Simons, Thames Water

The London utility’s OSH and security head is driving down injury rates with a ‘culture of care’.

EPC-UK: committed to fitness

The commercial explosives firm’s wellbeing initiatives aim to support its ageing and hard-to-reach workers both mentally and physically.