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Halfords 'misled council' over unsafe stock levels

Bike retailer Halfords has been ordered to pay more than £200,000 after a set of heavy boxes collapsed on to a staff member, pinning him against a wall and leaving him with a suspected cracked rib.


Bosley Mill explosion: owner charged with corporate manslaughter

The operators of a mill where four people died in an explosion in 2015 have been charged with corporate manslaughter.

HSE prosecution rate down by a quarter, latest stats reveal

The HSE’s ability to bring prosecutions to a successful conclusion saw a noticeable downturn in 2018/19, as the total number of cases that resulted in a verdict – whether conviction or acquittal – dropped 23% from 509 in 2017/18 to just 393. That is one of a range of insights in the regulator’s annual statistical release, published last week (30 October).


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Payers to players: ISSA’s Vision Zero

Two years after its launch we look at the progress of what is claimed to be the first global OSH campaign.

Time to act

Companies need to be vigilant about possible labour exploitation in their supply chains and by contractors, both in the UK and overseas, and ensure they are behaving ethically.

Gaps in the guideline

Courts can be overreliant on ‘common sense’ in risk assessment cases. It is time for guidance similar to that which governs statistical evidence.