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Signaller not entitled to ‘uninterrupted’ 20-minute rest breaks, Court of Appeal rules

A Network Rail signal box worker who claimed that his employer had failed to provide him with the rest breaks to which he was entitled has had his claim dismissed by the Court of Appeal (www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2019/269.pdf).

Amnesty’s management culture contributed to ‘toxic’ environment, report finds

An independent report into staff wellbeing at Amnesty International has called on the human rights champion to help managers improve their relational and communication skills, emotional intelligence and ability to manage conflict after the working environment was described as often “toxic”.

UK government seeks views on extending redundancy protection for new mothers

Women who return to work after maternity leave will be better protected against redundancy under new government plans to tackle discrimination.


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Lone worker Special: Field studies

With more people working alone than ever, training has to keep pace if staff are to manage new and more complex risk. 

Lone worker Special: Lone but not alone

Reduced contact with remote and lone workers makes supporting their wellbeing and spotting early symptoms of mental health problems harder. 

Network Rail: Fast track to recovery

Britain’s railway network operator is sending its traumatic incident management standard down the line.