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CPS is first UK gov department to implement stress policy

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has introduced a stress management strategy after data showed that poor mental health was the biggest cause of sickness absence among its workers.  

Rise in workplace stress linked to poor management, survey finds

Employers are being urged to invest more in training line managers, so they are confident and competent to support staff who are struggling to cope, after a survey found stress was a growing problem in UK workplaces. 

CIPD guidance published to help line managers support menopausal staff

New guidance has been published to help line managers support female employees going through the menopause after new research found that three-quarters of women who took time off work due to their symptoms felt uncomfortable citing the reason for their absence.


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Good in a storm

In emergencies many people will instinctively do things unlikely to save them. But you can rectify that. 

Health and Wellbeing at Work 2018

Avoiding the temptation to put fashion before function, the 100-year life and pets in the office featured at this year’s event. 

A watching brief

There are right and wrong ways to help someone who has been involved in a potentially traumatic incident.