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Majority of Scotland’s teachers regularly stressed at work

More than 75% of teachers in Scotland often feel stressed because of their workload. 

Government launches guide to support drive for inclusive workplaces for disabled staff

The UK government is urging large companies to reveal how many of their workers have a disability or a mental health condition in an effort to create greater transparency in the workplace.

Chief execs urge PM to mandate workplace mental health first aid training

More than 50 business leaders from some of the UK’s largest employers have called on the government to fulfil its pledge to “transform how mental health is regarded in the workplace”.  


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Network Rail: Fast track to recovery

Britain’s railway network operator is sending its traumatic incident management standard down the line.  

Heather Bryant, Balfour Beatty

The resurgent infrastructure and construction services group’s OSH head is driving down accident rates with carefully phased programmes. 

EPC-UK: committed to fitness

The commercial explosives firm’s wellbeing initiatives aim to support its ageing and hard-to-reach workers both mentally and physically.