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6 in 10 construction workers suffer work-related mental ill health, survey finds

A new survey has revealed that 58% of those working in construction have suffered from mental health problems due to their job, and over a third have had to take time off work due to mental health problems.

HSE issues work-related stress investigations criteria

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published new guidance on how it deals with reports of work-related stress, with a reminder that it is not the appropriate body to investigate concerns “solely related to individual cases of bullying or harassment, but may consider this if there is evidence of a wider organisational failing”.

Serious workplace injuries increase suicide risk, US study finds

People who have sustained serious workplace injuries are at increased risk of suicide or fatal overdose, according to a study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.


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Table talk: Key stressors

Four experts discuss how employers can best support employee health and wellbeing, how to measure the success of interventions and the pitfalls to avoid.

Head start

Businesses can take positive steps to support staff with mental health issues.


The Asia Pacific OSH gathering heard about a range of initiatives to reduce its excessive workplace fatality toll.