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Uni in court after research workers exposed to allergens

The University of Edinburgh has been accused of “completely failing to grasp the importance of risk-based health surveillance,” by an HSE inspector after two researchers were exposed to rodents, despite being allergic.

Call for mandatory QR codes on hazardous goods

A petition to include mandatory quick response (QR) codes on hazardous substances that link to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) from manufacturers has been created.

Taxi drivers exposed to highest levels of diesel fumes, research finds

A study led by King’s College London researchers and funded by IOSH has found that taxi drivers experience the highest exposures to black carbon, an indicator of diesel engine fumes, compared to other professional drivers including couriers, truck drivers, waste removal and emergency service workers.


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Piper Alpha: regime changer

July 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the oil industry’s worst disaster, which changed safety regulation and practice.

Landsec: duty to manage

The FTSE 100 developer uses a belt-and-braces approach to control asbestos risk to its large supply chain.

REACH: Brexit strategies

In the second of our articles on the EU’s chemicals overarching licensing regulation, we look at the potential paths for the UK when it leaves the bloc (Read our first article, REACH, the clock is ticking.)


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