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Caffeine experiment overdose leaves students in intensive care

The University of Northumbria has been fined £400,000 after two volunteer students were rushed to intensive care following a laboratory experiment that left them in a critical state.

*UPDATE* Builder allowed blow torches on timber-frame project

A construction company that specialises in building timber-framed structures has been fined £100,000 for failing to control ignition sources at one of its sites, where workers were found smoking and carrying out hot work.

Attacks on prison officers reach record high

Inmate assaults on prison staff are at the highest levels recorded, Ministry of Justice figures reveal.


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Nancy Leppink, International Labour Organization

The head of the OSH section at the UN’s labour agency talks about helping make the regulatory weather worldwide. 

Dermot Dolan, Pfizer

The biopharmaceuticals group’s director of environment, health and safety systems talks about managing risks presented by a changing business model, prizing wellbeing and the pleasures of site auditing.

Under the influence?

Are workers with health problems and taking medication at greater risk of workplace accidents? We look at the latest IOSH-sponsored research.