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*UPDATE* Healthcare co served enforcement notice to increase OH staffing

A private hospital operator that compromised the health of its employees and patients has been fined more than half a million pounds.

Government support package aims to cut sickness absence

The UK government has launched a new initiative to tackle illness at work, which costs the economy an estimated £100bn a year. 

*UPDATE* University’s caffeine experiment miscalculation almost killed two students

A university’s failure to control a sports science experiment has cost it £400,000 after two students overdosed on caffeine.


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Derran Williams, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

The funding institution’s safety adviser talks about ensuring standards on infrastructure projects worldwide, lobbying the Kyrgyz government to let women work and confusing St Helena with St Helier.

Marian Kelly, London Underground

The tube’s OSH and environment head is nudging the public towards less risky behaviour. 

Working through: diabetes

More people than ever in the UK are managing diabetes, so how can employers best support staff to do so?