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Study links bullying and violence at work to type 2 diabetes

Exposure to bullying and violence in the workplace may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a Nordic study has found. 

*UPDATE* Healthcare co served enforcement notice to increase OH staffing

A private hospital operator that compromised the health of its employees and patients has been fined more than half a million pounds.

Government support package aims to cut sickness absence

The UK government has launched a new initiative to tackle illness at work, which costs the economy an estimated £100bn a year. 


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Nancy Leppink, International Labour Organization

The head of the OSH section at the UN’s labour agency talks about helping make the regulatory weather worldwide. 

Dermot Dolan, Pfizer

The biopharmaceuticals group’s director of environment, health and safety systems talks about managing risks presented by a changing business model, prizing wellbeing and the pleasures of site auditing.

Under the influence?

Are workers with health problems and taking medication at greater risk of workplace accidents? We look at the latest IOSH-sponsored research. 


Angela Gray CMIOSH