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Effective return to work programmes after cancer are ‘essential’, says EU-OSHA

European businesses need to do more to support employees return to work after a cancer diagnosis, according to a new report.

Grenfell fire would not have spread but for cladding, says leaked report

A leaked dossier produced for the Metropolitan police’s investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire reveals that shoddy refurbishment contributed significantly to the fire’s spread. Seventy-one residents died in the June 2017 fire.

Dr Lesley Rushton to chair industrial injury council

Occupational cancer expert Dr Lesley Rushton has been appointed to chair the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council (IIAC).


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Power suits

Organisations may soon be giving workers ‘outside’ assistance to manage biomechanical hazards. 

Fire safety and evacuation: Rapid response

David Gold and Martin Brennan set out the essential steps for early fire detection and managing a safe and speedy evacuation. 

Under the influence?

Are workers with health problems and taking medication at greater risk of workplace accidents? We look at the latest IOSH-sponsored research.