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HSE issues work-related stress investigations criteria

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published new guidance on how it deals with reports of work-related stress, with a reminder that it is not the appropriate body to investigate concerns “solely related to individual cases of bullying or harassment, but may consider this if there is evidence of a wider organisational failing”.

Taxi drivers exposed to highest levels of diesel fumes, research finds

A study led by King’s College London researchers and funded by IOSH has found that taxi drivers experience the highest exposures to black carbon, an indicator of diesel engine fumes, compared to other professional drivers including couriers, truck drivers, waste removal and emergency service workers.

Tube drivers to cut speed by half due to ‘noisy’ tracks

London Underground drivers have been instructed to drive slowly on four tube lines in an ongoing dispute over the “barrage of noise” created on certain lines.


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Error alert

Workers often recognise and correct their own errors before it is too late, research shows.

Marie Chandler, NATS

Personal experience has taught the air traffic controller’s OSH head the importance of managing stress and wellbeing.

Do not disturb

Workers undertaking maintenance, refurbishment and demolition are most at risk from developing asbestos related diseases but are current controls sufficient?