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Rise in workplace stress linked to poor management, survey finds

Employers are being urged to invest more in training line managers, so they are confident and competent to support staff who are struggling to cope, after a survey found stress was a growing problem in UK workplaces. 

Role of OH experts is vital in contentious cases, says lawyer

Occupational health experts are likely to have a more prominent role in future criminal prosecutions, a defence lawyer has said. 

Sellafield worker exposed to plutonium had hand punctured by corroded probe

Sellafield has been fined £380,000 after a worker received eight times the annual whole-body exposure limit of plutonium. 


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Value judgements

A tool to assess the true cost of workplace wellbeing interventions is filling in the data gap that has so far undermined the business case for them. 

Driven to distraction

Inattentive and distracted drivers carry risks for their employers as well as the public.


The Asia Pacific OSH gathering heard about a range of initiatives to reduce its excessive workplace fatality toll.