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Amnesty’s management culture contributed to ‘toxic’ environment, report finds

An independent report into staff wellbeing at Amnesty International has called on the human rights champion to help managers improve their relational and communication skills, emotional intelligence and ability to manage conflict after the working environment was described as often “toxic”.

HSE-sponsored research seeks to build remote visual inspection and wearables capability

Sponsors are being sought to co-fund two shared research projects, which will help the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) improve the use of remote inspection technologies and increase take-up of wearables in the workplace.

UK government seeks views on extending redundancy protection for new mothers

Women who return to work after maternity leave will be better protected against redundancy under new government plans to tackle discrimination.


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Driven to distraction

Inattentive and distracted drivers carry risks for their employers as well as the public.


The Asia Pacific OSH gathering heard about a range of initiatives to reduce its excessive workplace fatality toll. 

Table talk: mental health

We summarise an expert discussion convened by IOSH on how employers support mental health and the role of mental health first aider.