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A third of highways sector not tackling mental ill health

Results from the first industry benchmarking exercise against the Thriving at Work Report standards have found that less than two-thirds of businesses in the highways sector are routinely monitoring their workforce’s mental health and wellbeing.

Suspended sentences for bosses who ignored consultants' advice over Legionella risk

Two men who ran a plastics manufacturing firm in Birmingham have been sentenced to serve 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, after a court heard they ignored concerns raised over Legionella bacteria in a cooling tower at their business premises.

Construction managers need support to raise health bar

Managers on construction projects will only accept ownership of health risks if they are supported by knowledgeable OSH professionals and a range of occupational health experts.


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Stress busters

The best way to tackle stress is to address cultural issues both at an organisational and national level, writes Claire Saunders CFIOSH.

For want of a nail

How can organisations and health and safety professionals meet workers’ requirements and expectations in line with ISO 45001? 

Pathways to smooth landings

Heathrow Airport’s health and wellbeing strategy includes a focus on sustaining resilience at work and equipping line managers with the tools to support employee mental health.