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New voluntary standards scheme targets workplace mental health

A voluntary accreditation scheme aimed at improving employee wellbeing has been launched by a mental health consultancy.

Motorists warned against driving in lanyards as they can cause serious injury

Police have advised motorists not to wear their staff identity tag around their neck while driving because of the risk of serious injury if an airbag deploys in an accident.

Mobile barriers deployed to protect road workers

Two giant mobile barrier lorries have been deployed in the West Midlands to improve the safety of road workers and to minimise disruption caused by roadworks and incidents.


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Driven to distraction

Inattentive and distracted drivers carry risks for their employers as well as the public.

Toyota: Critical moves

Operatives take a front seat in MSD risk reduction on Toyota’s production lines. 

Driver safety special: A mounting concern

Two years in, Biffa’s campaign to stop reckless driving on pavements has shifted gears.