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Pallet manufacturer fined over forklift strike

A manufacturer of wooden products has been sentenced after a worker was struck by a forklift truck at its site on Woodford Park Industrial Estate in Winsford, Cheshire.

Sentencing Council guidelines impact assessment shows larger firms face biggest fine hikes

The average fine handed to organisations found guilty of safety offences has risen by almost 450% since the new sentencing guidelines were introduced, figures published by the Sentencing Council show.

Digital platforms’ rating system will benchmark gig economy work standards

A joint UK-South African research project has developed a rating system to measure working conditions in the digital gig economy.


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Driver safety special: Marginal notes

There is no magic way to protect forklift drivers and pedestrians when they share space but bolstering training with small interventions can help. 

Driver safety special: Driven to change

Driver performance data is of limited use if you don’t use it to coach better behaviour. 

Network Rail: Fast track to recovery

Britain’s railway network operator is sending its traumatic incident management standard down the line.