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Sellafield to admit breaching HSW Act after worker contaminated

The operator of the world’s largest nuclear waste storage and reprocessing site in Cumbria intends to admit a health and safety breach. 

Worker dies after 6 m skylight fall

A carton manufacturer has been sentenced after a worker fell to his death through a skylight at its factory in Birmingham. 

Furniture maker ignored asbestos warnings for 14 years

A furniture maker that failed to produce an asbestos management plan for 14 years would have faced an £800,000 penalty if it had not fallen into administration.


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Plant protection

Manufacturing and storage sites are subject to multiple fire hazards, from dropped cigarettes to compressed pistachios. We map the route to a thorough risk assessment. 

Formula E Operations: Circuit testing

We talk to the race organiser’s senior OSH manager about managing the world’s first fully electric car championship. 

The train drain

We look at the scientific evidence underpinning the HSE’s advice that training alone is unlikely to reduce manual handling risk.