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Contractor and roofing co in court over KFC roof fall

Two firms have been fined more than £225,000 after a worker fell through a fragile roof while building a KFC drive-through. 

Engineer suffers first-degree burns from high-vis shirt

In what is thought to be the first reported case of burns from retro-reflective tape, an Australian doctor is warning of the dangers of wearing high-vis shirts in direct sunlight.

6 in 10 construction workers suffer work-related mental ill health, survey finds

A new survey has revealed that 58% of those working in construction have suffered from mental health problems due to their job, and over a third have had to take time off work due to mental health problems.


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Safe by design

Costain-Skanska JV’s work on the High Speed 2 rail link’s central London site has changed perceptions on sensitively delivering urban archaeology projects while pleasing two disparate professions.

Learning from: expert witnesses

Three specialists outline five key lessons that OSH professionals can consider in their work.

Lines of defence

A technology that draws digital boundaries around work areas has helped to improve safety on construction sites and in fleet management.