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Government’s plan to safeguard workers’ rights after Brexit is 'cynical', says GMB

The GMB trade union has said the UK government’s proposal to support a Labour amendment to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill on workers’ rights is “unenforceable” and “nothing more than a cynical attempt to buy off MPs”.  

UK government invests £26.6m in robots for confined spaces and work at height

The government is to invest £26.6m in projects to develop robots and unmanned aerial vehicles to substitute for human workers in hazardous environments.

Government launches guide to support drive for inclusive workplaces for disabled staff

The UK government is urging large companies to reveal how many of their workers have a disability or a mental health condition in an effort to create greater transparency in the workplace.


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Learning from: quality managers

In our series on what OSH professionals can learn from other professions, we look at those who are responsible for minimising defects and ensuring improvement. 

Foundation documents

Whether it’s for your own organisation or someone else’s, we look at the essential components to include in a safety and health policy. 

Training evaluation: Measures of success

Paul Smith explains why training evaluation is critical and how to build it in from the start.