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Mental health support to be offered to NHS staff around the clock

National Health Service (NHS) workers could be offered 24-hour mental health support under government plans to reduce sickness absence rates and improve staff performance and retention. 

Government accused of ‘turning a blind eye’ to worker abuse in hand car washes

The UK government has rejected calls for a trial licensing scheme for hand car washes to crack down on labour exploitation. 

UK government seeks views on extending redundancy protection for new mothers

Women who return to work after maternity leave will be better protected against redundancy under new government plans to tackle discrimination.


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Learning from: quality managers

In our series on what OSH professionals can learn from other professions, we look at those who are responsible for minimising defects and ensuring improvement. 

Foundation documents

Whether it’s for your own organisation or someone else’s, we look at the essential components to include in a safety and health policy. 

Training evaluation: Measures of success

Paul Smith explains why training evaluation is critical and how to build it in from the start.