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Contractor died after Wrexham farm roof plunge

A farmer from Wrexham in Wales has been fined £26,000 after a worker died when he fell through a cow shed skylight. 

HSE targets livestock hazards

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a 12-month farm inspection campaign with a focus on livestock handling in an effort to reduce the number of animal-related deaths in the UK.

Skipper sentenced to community service after man died scallop diving

A fishing vessel skipper whose safety failings contributed to the death of a shellfish diver has been ordered to perform 200 hours’ community service. 


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The train drain

We look at the scientific evidence underpinning the HSE’s advice that training alone is unlikely to reduce manual handling risk.

REACH: the clock is ticking

In the first of two articles on the EU’s overarching chemicals licensing regulation, we consider the impact of the upcoming registration deadline. 

Emily Ramsay, Forestry Commission

The OSH head at Britain’s biggest landowner talks about logging, lone working and factoring leisure benefits into the risk control equation.