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Updating to ISO 45001

Half-day face-to-face, or 2-3 hours eLearning

Designed for those who have knowledge of OHSAS 18001 and need an overview and understanding of the extent and nature of the changes introduced in the standard.

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Introduction to ISO 45001

1 day face-to-face, or 3-5 hours eLearning

This introductory course covers the business benefits of implementing an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) management system and provides the essential definitions to help you interpret and apply the requirements of ISO 45001.

The course also outlines any legal obligations your organisation has and delivers a best-practice framework for preventing work-related injuries and ill health through the importance of hazard and risk identification.

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Preparing for ISO 45001

1 day face-to-face, or 3-5 hours eLearning

If you are responsible for your OH&S management system and want to migrate your existing OHSAS 18001 approval to ISO 45001 standard, this course will enable you to understand through practical workshop activities what should be revised in your current system and help you to develop a migration plan.

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ISO 45001 for Internal Auditor Migration

1 day

If you are an internal OH&S management system auditor wanting to learn about ISO 45001 and how the revisions to this standard affect you, or an internal auditor working in an organisation that is certified to OHSAS 18001:2007 and is migrating to the new standard, this course will add to your existing audit experience and demonstrate how to adapt internal auditing skills for ISO 45001.

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ISO 45001 Auditor Migration - CQI & IRCA Certified

2 days face-to-face, or 3-5 hours eLearning followed by 1 day face-to-face

This course is designed for auditors experienced in conducting second or third-party management systems audits who wish to update their auditing skills to the new ISO 45001 standard.

It provides an overview of organisational context, the enhanced leadership requirements and how to identify and manage risk and opportunities.

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ISO 45001 Auditor/Lead Auditor - CQI & IRCA Certified

5 days

This five-day training course outlines the necessary skills needed to lead an ISO 45001 audit team and conduct first, second and third-party audits against the standard requirements.

Successful completion of this certified course satisfies the requirements to become a registered OH&S lead auditor and adds credibility through a formal qualification.

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ISO 45001 Internal Auditor

2 days face-to-face, or 3-5 hours eLearning followed by 1 day face-to-face

This course offers practical guidance on how to conduct and plan internal audits, develop effective checklists and gather objective evidence to evaluate audit findings and determine conformity, nonconformity and effectiveness against the requirements of ISO 45001.

Successful completion of this course based on the six-stage auditing approach ensures the skills needed to meet the standard requirements.

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ISO 45001 Auditor Conversion - CQI & IRCA Certified

3 days

Designed for lead auditors wishing to extend their knowledge to audit occupational health and safety (OH&S) management systems against the ISO 45001 requirements or wanting to satisfy the formal auditor conversion training requirements for the CQI & IRCA.

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Health and Safety Systems Manager

3 days

Designed for new Health and Safety Systems Managers who want to develop the necessary skills to fulfil their role more effectively. This course runs through the requirements of ISO 45001, providing the skills to develop occupational health and safety policies and objectives that support your business.

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