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October 2018

Conference report
IOSH 2018

Post-Grenfell regulatory reform, ISO 45001 lessons, Formula One racing safety and managing accident investigations were among the highlights of this year’s conference. 

Leader interview
Kathy Seabrook, Center for Safety and Health Sustainability

The former president of IOSH’s US equivalent is working to raise investor pressure for more OSH transparency.

Case study
RVA Group: Razing issues

The global demolition specialist bridges the client and contractor gap, managing complex and large-scale decommissioning projects. 

Fire risk assessment
Plant protection

Manufacturing and storage sites are subject to multiple fire hazards, from dropped cigarettes to compressed pistachios. We map the route to a thorough risk assessment. 

Behaviour change
Learning from: health psychologists

How can evidence-based techniques to change unhealthy public behaviour be translated to the workplace?