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November 2019

Go fourth

As Industry 4.0 transforms the way we work, OSH professionals can benefit from the changing landscape

The evolution of OSH sustainability

Sustainability and human capital are indelibly linked with safety and health. Development of the first concept started to emerge in the 1970s. Initially concerned with environmental sustainability, it gathered pace in 1987 with the publication of ...

Engage and connect

Is worker consultation key to overcoming criticism of procedure-led ways to manage safety?

Your consultation

As IOSH’s review of membership grades progresses, we reflect on early feedback and the case for questioning.

Modern slavery
Time to act

Companies need to be vigilant about possible labour exploitation in their supply chains and by contractors, both in the UK and overseas, and ensure they are behaving ethically.

Food and drink sector conference 2019

The role of line managers in supporting employees with health issues, modern slavery, and the use of new technology in the sector featured at this year’s event.

Modern slavery: act now
Modern slavery: act now

On the first day of its annual conference this year, IOSH launched its white paper, Tackling Modern Slavery Together. The institution is calling on the government and businesses to take concerted action to reduce and eliminate modern slavery practices, both in the UK and overseas.