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Conference report
Lone guarantees

This year’s Lone Worker Safety Conference and Exhibition in London dealt with the issues of persuading employees to carry trackers and alarms.

Case study
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

We talk to the research institute’s safety head about balancing academic freedom with respect for safety protocols.

Leader interview
Bill Gunnyeon, IOSH

The institution’s chair of trustees talks about the new five-year strategy and his work in government to reinforce the connection between work and good health. 

Health conditions
Working through: epilepsy

What adjustments need to be made to working environments to help employees with the condition?

OSH auditing
Reality check?

Is auditing a vital check or a false comfort? We look at the evidence. 

Off duty
Donald Gordon CMIOSH Chief environment and safety officer, Air Cadet Organisation (RAF)

I’ve always been interested in Japan and sword arts so in 2004 I started doing Kendo, which is the martial art where you wear protective armour with a grilled helmet. Then, around eight years ago, I started Iaido as well. I am now black belt 3rd dan (rank) in Kendo, and black belt 4th dan in Iaido.

P is for perception of risk

As psychologist Paul Slovic states at the beginning of his 1987 paper on risk perception in the journal Science: “The ability to sense and avoid harmful environmental conditions is necessary for the survival of all living organisms.” Similarly, helping people to sense and avoid harm at work is a necessary part of safety and health management.