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January 2020

Behind the screen

Individuals who work as online content moderators are often exposed to violent, distressing and exploitative material. We look at how employers can minimise the OSH risks and improve working conditions.

Attitudes towards sleep deprivation

Human beings are the only species that make a conscious decision to miss out on sleep because we don’t see it as being a productive use of our time. If something has to be sacrificed in our hectic lives, it tends to be a good night’s sleep. 

The power of conversation

Empowering and supporting staff that have poor mental health can be a valuable facilitator in keeping them in work, as recent IOSH-funded research revealed

Mark Pavey CMIOSH Process safety development manager, Cameron/Schlumberger

My first career was in the British Army, where I was able to realise my love for all things adventurous. My early desire to throw myself out of aircraft at Aston University continued through Sandhurst. 

Close calls

Organisations that focus on high potential events can significantly improve their safety performance.

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7 Insights into Safety Leadership

About 25 years ago American consultancy Behavioral Science Technology (BST) arrived in the UK. At the time its work was cutting-edge and consequently its services have helped to save many lives.

V is for violation

In J is for Just Culture, the definition for the term was given as “a culture in which frontline operators and others are not punished for actions, omissions or decisions taken by them which are commensurate with their experience and training, but where gross negligence, wilful violations and destructive acts are not tolerated” (see IOSH Magazine, January 2019: bit.ly/37jtUXN).

Straight talking

The transport engineering company’s OSH head is testing the transformative potential of two-way communication.

Recipes for success

AB Sugar won last year’s food & drink health and safety awards, with Allied Bakeries Belfast and 2018’s winner Finlays coming second and third. We take a look at what they did to impress the judges.