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January 2018

Case study
Liverpool Football Club: Goal getters

We talk to the Premier League club’s senior health and safety manager about CDM duties and procuring a bespoke health and safety management system to standardise its work. 

Evacuation equipment
Fire safety and evacuation: Step by step

Aaron David Carter looks at the legal requirements, good practice and pitfalls to avoid when procuring and using evacuation chairs.

Fire suppression
Fire safety and evacuation: Locus of control

Gary Laird and Martin Brennan set out the main features of fire control systems. 

Emergency procedures
Fire safety and evacuation: Rapid response

David Gold and Martin Brennan set out the essential steps for early fire detection and managing a safe and speedy evacuation. 

Software development
Learning from: software developers

What techniques do those who write the apps and programs we rely on use? In the first of a new series on learning from other professions we find out.

Shift work
Clocking on

The 24/7 society means that the number of people working nights is rising. But shift work takes its toll on our bodies as well as our social lives. We talk to researchers about how employers can reduce the risks.

Leader interview
Nancy Leppink, International Labour Organization

The head of the OSH section at the UN’s labour agency talks about helping make the regulatory weather worldwide. 

Conference report
IOSH 2017

The big issues aired at November’s conference in Birmingham included populism and Brexit, the gig economy and mental health.