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December 2016

OSH in a changing world
Recalibration data

The fruits of a five-year IOSH research programme analyse how work has changed, and point the ways practitioners can adapt to a new world. 

Degree-level qualifications
A step up

It is harder than ever in the OSH profession to become an unqualified success. A certificate in OSH management is a starting point, but if you want to move to the next stage, what are your options? Bridget Leathley reports on her own journey through the qualifications landscape. 

Autonomous vehicles
Look, no hands

Driverless vehicle technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, but there are still some fundamental questions we need to answer before they can ply our roads. 

Leader interview
Emily Ramsay, Forestry Commission

The OSH head at Britain’s biggest landowner talks about logging, lone working and factoring leisure benefits into the risk control equation.