The article mentions tha

Submitted by Gerry Duffy on 12 July 2019 - 01:20 pm

The article mentions that the H&S Manager didn’t visit the site? I fail to see how this is in anyway contributed to the incident. Responsibility for site safety has and always must be the responsibility of site management and not H&S professionals. The works should have been planned, supervised and monitored by line management. H&S professionals are there to give advice and to give an independent view of site activities. Sure a H&S visit from a professional would have helped as they would have no doubt suspended the works, but it’s line management who must plan, supervise and monitor their workforce. I’d hate for us to return to a ‘policing’ role as in the eighties! I’m just saddened by the statement in the article as it suggests that safety sits with the H&S professional, which is clearly, in my opinion, wrong.