It will be useful to read

Submitted by Paul D'Arcy on 19 November 2017 - 12:32 am

It will be useful to read more about the reasons behind the improvement notice. ANHOPS guidance on staffing is obselete due to the radically different current health, safety and wellbeing environment compared to that when ANHOPS wrote their guidance. The reference to pre-employment screening is confusing due to its illegality following the Equality Act 2010 implementation. I suspect the crux of this lies with a fundamental lack of a competent OH provider who understood the risks from the specific workplace and failed to address those.

This case really makes clear the need to have competent OH professionals who know traditional occupational health issues and don't overlook these to pursue the wellbeing agenda in isolation from the workplace risks facing workers daily. Complex workplaces need both aspects of OH to work together.