The Video-Footage of the

Submitted by Adam Sharp on 24 March 2018 - 12:36 pm

The Video-Footage of the crash (that I have viewed) does not support the statement that the victim "suddenly" stepped into the road.
The Footage appeared to be from cameras installed within the UBER Car.
The Footage showed the victim crossing a two-lane carraigeway and being struck after crossing one of the lanes and entering the second lane.
In the Footage, the Victim appeared to be looking straight at the UBER Car (and presumably its driver).
On numerous occasions the Footage appears to show the Driver of the UBER Car looking down at something of interest within the car.
The Footage also appears to show the Driver looking up and the looking forward through the windscreen of the Car at what I have assumed is a split-second before the Car's impact with the Victim.
From the Video-Footage that I viewed, it is reasonable to suggest that the Driver of the UBER Car was not giving his full attention to the progress of the vehicle at the time of its impact. It is also reasonable to suggest that the accident itself was entirely avoidable had the Car been driven by a sensible, alert driver in the seconds preceding its impact with the Victim.